We have access to one of the most modern and efficient truck fleets in the world, which include:

• Tilts
• Refrigerated Trucks
• Jumbo Trucks
• Box Cars
• Low-bed Trucks
• other Special Vehicles

We only use vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and DAF and all of them use the latest state of the art technology. The trucks are registered in Turkey and can be used for all kinds of transports. For example, low-bed trucks are used for the transportation of heavy machinery and the box-cars are used to move textiles, furniture and other personal belongings while protecting them from damage and theft.

The laws of Turkey are stating that every vehicle must be less than five years of age. In 2004, Turkey began to mandate regular technical inspections by agency-assigned experts, so that the safety of our vehicles is on par with Germany’s high standards.